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Developers: David O’Reilly Publisher: David O’Reilly, Double Fine Presents Genre: RPG, Indie, Casual, Simulation Release Date: March 21st, 2017 (PC+Mac April 21st, 2017) Platforms: PC, PS4, XboxOne Price: $14.99(PSN), $14.99(Steam) […]

Developers: David O’Reilly

Publisher: David O’Reilly, Double Fine Presents

Genre: RPG, Indie, Casual, Simulation

Release Date: March 21st, 2017 (PC+Mac April 21st, 2017)

Platforms: PC, PS4, XboxOne

Price: $14.99(PSN), $14.99(Steam)

Where to buy: Steam, PSN,

David O’Reilly’s Everything is one of those weird exploring like games that is all about the journey before the conclusion. Before I go any deeper into this, I would like to thank Double Fine as well as David O’Reilly for a copy of this game to cover. I assume this game begins you differently as you load into the game at the launch of it. As I began as a White Cow. Controls are limited until you are able to access more functions by talking to trees, rocks, or certain symbolized objects. Then shortly a gentleman begins to talk over the game, about a deep theory about life, and its surroundings. Graphically, Everything’s design is toned down to make things like detail seem primitive. Moving aside for deep exterior. Breaking things down to singular cells. Or germ cells. The game for a while does have a few gripes from myself, which i will go over here shortly.

The controls are smooth like silk on the PS4 gamepad. Gameplay opens up like a sci-fi special with mostly dialog across the screen to read, and you to figure out. Progression is mostly just wondering around and experimenting with all objects that highlight. To this, you can dig deeper and deeper into all things, and their connection to meliletor structure. The game it self feels a lot like a loose leaf theory of many things structured, simply fact and fun fantasy. The fantasy comes with the objects (I will not spoil what) move around or Dance if you well. It self past its paper thin introduction of paper like polygon like animals rolling across meadows, and grass is a game with beautiful pay out for its depth in design. The humor in the game is pretty generous with many of the objects or things about. All speaking to you sometimes with just random yammering about who knows what.

A few issues I have with the game were mostly fixable bugs. Where you could not go any further unless you reloaded your file or the game itself. Usually after wondering you would fill up your discovery or “things” folder with animals, and stuff smaller. With that you come across multicolored pulsing octagons that help you progress deeper then just skin deep if you will. Aside from a scavenger hunt and some pretty good lecturing, there really is not anything else to the game other then a walk along. This might seem steep for its price tag, there is a bit to do if you like to one hundred percent a game by just collecting things. Which seems like the whole experience. Going deeper seems like the payoff, but at first does feel a bit draining unless you are granted the voiced dialog.

In Closing:

Everything is good. It might leave a few confused or lost in the experiance in terms of its intelligence. Which is fine, as long as you do enjoy the ride. I found the playful nature of this science experiment something absolutely fun, I did fall off after the whole fill up my scrap book thing ran its course though. The deep down the rabbit whole I went with assending cell structure or the physically seen world was making me trip out. With all sorts of delightful things to see. I will not spoil what I seen other then, its pretty darn beautiful to explore.

I would say pick up the game if you have some cash in your pocket, it is a eye opener, but if you were expecting a game beyond just interacting and theory crafting, then sir or my lady you will not be as drawn in. It is a very well done idea for its full credit: buy it if you love science, try to hold out for some gameplay from others to gage a bit more response if you would like it or not. I can vote it as a intelligent experiance, moving past just a bit of a sandbox of depth, beyond just the surface.


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