Rain World Review

Developers: Videocult Publisher: Adult Swim Games Genre: RPG, Indie, Casual, Simulation Release Date: March 28th, 2017 Platforms: PC, PS4 Price: $19.99(PSN), $19.99(Steam) Where to buy: Steam, PSN This code was […]

Developers: Videocult

Publisher: Adult Swim Games

Genre: RPG, Indie, Casual, Simulation

Release Date: March 28th, 2017

Platforms: PC, PS4

Price: $19.99(PSN), $19.99(Steam)

Where to buy: Steam, PSN

This code was provided to us on behalf of a written review.

As of late a lot of what Adult Swim Games publishes are usually pretty darn good in terms of fun factor, and quality. At this rate, feels like a modern day Apogee software back when I was a kid. Rain World also makes me recall of many games to mind. Two that come to mind is Prince of Persia/Out of this world.(the art style), and Abes odyssey. The subtraction from this comparison is you do not rescue your kind from anything, other then saving yourself. The plot of the game is you are a nomadic slugcat dodging enemies and simply surviving in a world that is mostly a trial and error masters whispered dream. There is a complex element of survival and Dark Souls like vibe from this game. Mostly borrowing from the play book from the Oddworld realm of style.

This game is challenging much like the aforementioned games. Off the bat it will be easy to assume many will be frustrated with it. Trial and error is the simple thing to really aim towards with titles in this realm. Survival is mostly never that easy. The goal of the game is you learn from enemies, the environments, and timing your food farming. Other then that your supposed to rest per segment is hiding from the harsh flood waters that aim to end your journey among the large scaled level. There is plenty of reason to panic due to the fact resources do not re-spawn, once you obtain a batch of fruits or insects their gone. Making you move around the map to survive. The enemy AI varies, having some very well done aggression. The creatures in the game are mostly animal like, chasing you down if they can reach you. That said, there are several flavors of enemies per area, some simply suit, others ingenious stalking you from every corner of the screen. After a few hours I began to study each enemies patterns, and moved around them as fast as possible. Taking a few deaths along the way.

The world it self is so gloomy, brooding, having so much decay in its lungs, releasing it out from each breathe it takes. One of my personal  favorite elements to the elements of nature in the world you roam in is its water. It provides a slowing like element to it, fighting against you. This of course poses a problem whenever  a enemy happens to lurk in it. Aside from water you have things like vines to climb on, tubes to craw through, and gaps to leap over. Enemies depending on the verity also have these to get to you. Things like what I call “glowy alligators” and large flies are apart of your problem. luckily,you can defend yourself with objects in the world too.  Such as spears, and rocks to throw at foes. I personally just ran like hell away from them and got food, then hibernated. Using the said defensive means to me were not as notable if your aim is not as tight in twin stick games or with keyboard and mouse. I liked the many options players can run along in this game, I mostly have taken my meals to go.  Sound design in the game is slight. By slight I mean you do have a soundtrack, but it is not as bold. Lacking nothing more then simple sound effects, and light eeriness. If done correctly is all a game really needs. Does Rain World do the job correctly? I personally felt it has accomplished that much.  I played the game for a while on Twitch for a short while to let viewers and friends alike get a sight of the game. They were enjoying the tension, and gameplay. Many times I have heard complains of lack of sound by a few. I at first assumed I had my sound muted, going into my options, realizing the game and its sound was fine, just the reflection of their perspective was wishing for more then what they heard overall.

In Closing:

Rain World is a very intriguing concept to the survival genre. It is plenty of tension to offer to enemies coming after you, and you yourself  defending against some of them. Do not let its cute character fool you, a nasty creature hides behind some of its difficulty. That will ether excite you, or annoy you until you rage quit, permanently. The length of Rain World serves the price of the game overall all down to trial and error will leave you in each of the games segments for quite a while.  I overall found the game to be quite enjoyable and amazing to look at.


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