Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review

Developers: CI Games Publisher: CI Games Genre: Action, FPS, Stealth, Release Date: April 25th, 2017 Platforms: PC, PS4, XboxOne Price: $59.99 PS4, XbOne, $49.99 PC Where to buy: Steam, PSN, […]

Developers: CI Games

Publisher: CI Games

Genre: Action, FPS, Stealth,

Release Date: April 25th, 2017

Platforms: PC, PS4, XboxOne

Price: $59.99 PS4, XbOne, $49.99 PC

Where to buy: Steam, PSN, MS Marketplace

This game was covered with a provided code from CI Games in purposes of review for this game, a humble thank you is in order to them!

Having only played the first game at the time, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a brush with several ideas and concepts into one. Think one part Sniper Elite V2, FarCry, and you have this game down to a science. The game is set in the Russian-Ukranian border. You are “Jon North, a Marine captain who is sent in with his younger brother Robert to go destroy some old bio-weapons from the Soviet era. The plot from that point on unravels into a rescue mission, or even a revenge story. Where all the plot it self is tossed about like a tumble dryer. Then at the end of it all, the game play itself is perhaps the fun aspect to it all.

Gameplay is played out in first person throughout the game. Offering a good range of weapons, attachments and collectable tools of the trade. The center attraction to the game is sniper rifles, or marksmen rifles to be politically correct. There over fourteen you may purchase within the game itself, and a hefty amount to just collect. The collecting part is cool on paper, but not being able to just use the darn things is a let down like the L115A3 (my personal favorite from playing Battlefield 3) .You are given a good amount of leg room from the previous games, which were all on a singular path in terms of objectives. Everywhere you walk are usually points of interest, or outposts to clear out. Most of the it is the same old thing, so nothing feels as fresh. Does that all play out to dragged out game play is the major question here. Within a few hours I have just that answer to touch down on. Some parts, like side missions are not as fun, the sniping is the really enjoyable aspect.

The enemies themselves looked all the time, as bald baddies leaving no deeper verity. Controls are responsive luckily. Which is another positive I can mention about the game, the expressive freedom of movement, as mentioned a tiny bit before. You can climb, parkour, hide, pick off enemies from all sorts of angles. Playing to a pace that makes you comfortable. So the combat itself works for what it is, just if you want more then just that, it will be lackluster. After awhile the game changes up the maps, from a swampy landscape to a snow mountain village. Which was pleasant along the main story ride to the end to act four. Missions play out mostly by sabotage, or elimination. You clear out enemies, timed, or have to hack satellites. To the games credit I do not feel positive with the said acting itself.  However the time they have taken to at lease add something there, with B-movie style lines did make me laugh from time to time, without a negative feeling from it. Now you ask as I type this “wait you said the voice acting is poor” Yes, the performances are not that great. That can be said from Sharknado, or even Troma. I sat here mostly listening through the dialog, trying to understand each mission carefully. This did not really make for anything other then the other characters boosting Jon’s ego. Like “you are such a badass!” Things like that.You can collect ammo and parts/resources. From ether enemies themselves from their corpses, or their weapons if you choose not to pick it up and use it during the heat of battle. Just about all of the main missions grant you a new sniper rifle or weapons, so getting a hold of weapons to experiment with never dulls. My go to was usually the knight rifle, which has a good size clip. The drop off with it is nice, and looks pretty spiffy.

One aspect to the game is suppressors, which if your sneaky like I am is like using toilet paper. Suppressors wear out, and require you to place on a new one. Let me tell you the surplus companies who give me those plies to place on my suppressors, their eating well on my dime in the game.  One part of the game I wanted to touch on was a question I have received a bit from many curious readers or general friends. Sneaking is not as used at least from my play through, I always did ranged attacks, using the mountains or hills to my advantage, which seems to be the positive aspect to the game, open, wide areas for certain spots to clear out. However if you clean out a location, the areas Do reset, meaning all enemies reappear after a game refresh.  I hoped after a clear out, they would stay cleaned. The only signs of a resistance is yourself, and voices over a headset. So the element of intensity are met with yourself. With no AI helping or assisting like in other games.

In Closing:

A great idea out of the gate, and something I think for the developer team to keep their minds in focus. With some more refinement, Sniper Ghost Warrior 4 can be a stepping stone to fix the few errors that this game presents. It has some charm and fun among the linear experience overall. It is a game that would please jar-head fans of most military shooters, but I would suggest picking it up down the line.

Passable – The sniping is a few of the fun aspects if you do not mind wondering around, poping enemies, and finding collectables. If you can deal with very long load times. Then give it a try.

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